Resort  Marketing Business Premium Package

Includes Unlmited Resellers License 
Unlimited 5 Day 4 Night Mexico and Caribbean Resort Premiums 
Unlimited 3Day 2Night 26 Popular Destinations Certificates
Keep 100% of All Commissions 
(Reseller Annual License Fee)

The Resort BP package comes with an unlimited resellers license.  Your reseller license authorizes you to reproduce unlimited 4 and 5 star resort vacation premiums and 3day 2night  certificates for an entire year.   Vacationers may chose any of the resorts included in our inventory when they book their reservations.   All premiums are good for up to 1 year from the  date your customer purchases them.  Vacationers can book their reservations as soon as 7 business days in advance of their vacation date.   All Resort premiums covers 2 adults who meet the demographic requirements. Arrangements for children who will also be vacationing can be made when your clients and customers book their reservations.  Be sure you have read our refund policy and  understand the demographic requirements for your clients to use the 4 and 5 star resort premiums  before purchasing this product.  However, there are no demographic or resort presentation requirements for your customers to use the 3day 2night  26 destination ceritificates.  

UPDATE ALERT!! ... The Resort Marketing Business Premium package listed above is being updated and will not be available until Janauary 5, 2017 ... If you would like to get started right away you can purchase the Resort Marketing Affiliate Manager package below and upgrade later at no extra charge. The upgrade link is provided in the How-to book in the Business Resources section.


Resort Marketing Affiliate Manager Package

Make 50%-60% Commissions on all Resort Premium Sales
Earn 10-15% on All Team Sales
Sell 3Day 2Night 26 Popular Destinations Certificates Keep All Commissions
Complete How-To Book and Business Marketing Tools included
(Reseller Annual License Fee)

The managing  affiliate license  authorizes and gives the licensee the option to build and manage their own sales team to market  and sell 4 and 5 star resorts in the RVP affiliate program.  The managing affiliate license will remain valid for one full year or as long as the managing  affiliate remains an active  part of the RVP affiliate marketing team.  Vacationers may select the resort of their choice when they book their reservations and may select from any resort RVP is currently promoting.  Each premium is good for 2 adults and good for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.  Only 7 business days  in advance are  required to book resort vacation dates.  There are usually no Black out dates.  Each premium covers 2 adults who meet the demographic requirements.  Be sure you have read our refund policy and the vacationers demographic requirements before purchasing this product.  You will be notified at 30 days in advance before your yearly license fee expiration date and you may accept or decline the offer to renew your  resellers license.  The license renewal link can also be found in the business resources section of the How-to book included in this package.



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